The Original Forage Feeder

Give Your bird a Job!

Foraging is the most important activity you can provide your bird. Use the Original Forage Feeder to challenge your bird. Just drop in a treat and your bird will enjoy working for the reward. Or you can use it as a Feeder and fill it with dry food such as pellets to give your bird a lasting supply of nutritious foraging.

A105940 Small 2 x 2 x 25 long Medium Birds Each block holds approximately 40 grams of food
A105941 Medium 3 x 3 x 33 long Large Birds Each block holds approximately 90 grams of food
A105942 Large 4 x 4 x 40 long Extra Large Birds Each block holds approximately 200 grams of food
Made with all natural fiber rope with color blocks of soft wood.

This is no ordinary bird toy!

Each of the three colorful blocks has four holes, which are nearly the depth of the block. The holes can be used to hold treats such as nuts, dry cereal, commercial treats, and other dry foods.


Another way to encourage more foraging is to fill the Original Forage Feeder with your bird's pelleted or formulated diet. Fill with the diet to nearly the top, just in reach of your bird's beak. Once your bird has eaten enough that he can no longer reach the food, then he will need to chew away some wood to reach more food.
Designed and developed on collaboration
with a Board Certified Avian Veterinarian.
Patent Pending